IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Professional Version 9

I den här kursen lär du dig hur Analyst's Notebook Professional kan användas som ett verktyg för hitta orsakssammanhang av typen "Se om det finns en koppling  mellan ett antal inbrott och en serie av telefonsamtal" Exempel och frågeställningar kommer från daglig polispraxis (t ex bilstölder, trafficking, droghandel, mord och rån) och från den finansiella sektorn (ekonomisk brottslighet, identitetsstölder, skimming, förfalskning och penningtvätt).

For whom is this training?

All researchers and analysts who need to be able to put various research data into Analyst's Notebook charts to analyze these data in depth. This course is also very suitable for (prospective) students for the course; analyzing information (AvI) at the Police Academy.


What will you learn in the Analyst's Notebook Professional training?

  • Manually build a schedule: event windows, theme lines, icons, maps, attributes and photos, etc.
  • Apply Layout options to schemes such as Peacock Layout, Grouped by Time Layout Minimize Crossed Links layout.
  • Use different search options such as Visual Search, List Items and the Search function.
  • Analyze complex schemes using filters and Histograms. The new HeatMatrix Analysis and Dynamic Filtering are powerful ways to gain more insight into the data in your diagrams.
  • Search for duplicate entities with Smart Matching.
  • Using Social Network Analysis to recognize the key players in a complex scheme.
  • Show Geographical data on a map in Google Earth.
  • To apply Conditional Formatting, to see important information in the right context.
  • Import of large amounts of data such as phone calls and financial transactions from Excel and from text files.

Extra information

This Analyst's Notebook Professional Training is provided in version 9
Is the switch to Analyst’s Notebook 9 not yet made? It is still possible to follow the Analyst's Notebook training in version 8. So pay attention to what training you choose