iBase and Analyst's Notebook for the Functional Manager

Den här kursen riktar sig till de som ansvarar för att sätta upp och konfigurera iBase och Analyst's Notebook. På den här kursen besvaras de frågor som brukar dyka upp och de tekniska aspekternaav iBase och Analyst's Notebook belyses.

For whom is this training?

Functional managers who face the following questions:
• How do I set up iBase and Analyst's Notebook in the network?
• What features are available?
• How do I handle backups?

What do you learn in this iBase and Analyst's Notebook training for the Functional Manager?


  • Security files and databases, Access and SQL Server databases, file extensions, SQL Server clients, servers and network user profile information, optional paths for users.
  • Authorization Manager: rights to the database, security files, users and groups, the use of SCC codes.
  • Databases: Creating databases using templates, creating a case-controlled database, using subsets. Soft delete, batch delete, SQL server connection settings, move SQL Server databases. Which files need a backup, update database schema, schema and link integrity check, plug-ins and Blue Base.
  • Setup and use of the additional features: Alerting, 360 search, install SQL Server and Client, SQL Server Agent, auditing, iBase scheduler for batch imports and exports, bulk import.

Analyst's Notebook:

  • Installation Structure
  • Optional paths for users
  • Rights
  • Plug-ins
  • Desktop icons and templates
  • Import specifications and batch imports
  • Spelling Checker and timeline in Dutch date format