Excel för Analytiker

Analytiker och utredare använder ofta program som Excel. Dit finns ofta många fler möjligheter med Excel än de flesta känner till. Genom att öka dina Excelkunskaper kan du spara mycket tid i att hantera och analysera dina data.

For whom is this training?

Everyone who collects information, processes and analyzes it. In the preliminary phase of an investigation you can optimally prepare your data in Excel for your research database or Analyst's Notebook.

What will you learn in  this Excel training?

  • Using formulas and functions including use of absolute and relative cell references and table names.
  • Creating charts.
  • The various features and advantages of the 'Paste Special'.
  • Several extensive capabilities of the cell characteristics.
  • Understand large files by conditional formatting.
  • Various sorting capabilities.
  • Using AutoFilter and Advanced Filter.
  • View data by making “subtotals”.
  • Creating a pivot table report with the many possibilities of representation.
  • The validation of data (including the use of code lists).
  • Adapting the obtained data and make it ready to use for a research database and Analyst's Notebook.