IBM i2 TextChart är ett kraftfullt verkty för att visualisera information från ostrukturerad data. Det kan också användas tillsammans med iBase.

For whom is this training?

Researchers and analysts who are, or will be, engaged with entering, analyzing and visualizing large amounts of unstructured research data.

What you will learn in the i2 Text Chart Training?

  • Creating a workspace and adding different types of documents to the workspace.
  • Adding icons to the scheme based on text fragments found, and establishing relationships between schema elements.
  • Creation of theme lines and events to display temporal aspects.
  • Adding attributes to icons and theme lines to display specific characteristics of people, places, vehicles, etc.
  • Apply Layout capabilities on schedules to get a clearer view.
  • Finding keywords that relate to elements that are already shown in the diagram.
  • Linking the found text passages elements in the diagram.
  • Using i2 TextChart workspaces in other applications such as Analyst's Notebook and ChartReader.
  • Using i2 TextChart in conjunction with iBase (especially for iBase users).