Amped FIVE Additions

För dig som redan arbetat med Amped FIVE men behöver uppdateras på ny funktionalitet i programmet eller bara lära dig mer om alla funktioner och tolkningar.

This is a new and evolving course designed for analysts previously trained in Amped FIVE. Due to the speed of development at Amped Software, it has been identified that within 12 - 18 months, a user may require a ‘top up’ to their training. This is a refresher course that allows users to better understand the newly released filters and functionalities of Amped FIVE to ensure the correct interpretation of data and learn to use the new tools to their full advantage. During the course, we look at advanced techniques and concepts for some of the original filters, such as Aspect Ratio Correction and Photogrammetry. In addition, we also look at particular cases and discuss, view and analyze challenges faced in forensic image and video enhancement. The course is designed on a modular system, allowing a bespoke personalized schedule dependent on when the original training was received.