Internet Evidence Finder (IEF)

IEF är ett snabbt och lättanvänt verktyg som används av tusentals användare för digitala undersökningar. IEF ger snabbt information från olika applikationer och social medier.

MAGNET IEF automates the discovery of digital forensic evidence.

A single IEF search intelligently parses and carves for hundreds of different types of digital forensic artifacts found in allocated and unallocated space on computers, smartphones and tablets.

The IEF Report Viewer allows for the initial review and analysis of
all the recovered digital evidence related to a case.

IEF Report Viewer’s powerful analysis tools are designed to enable efficient analysis of large volumes of data, allowing for quick identification of the evidence that’s most important to an investigation.

When it’s time to share results with stakeholders, or prepare evidence for courtroom testimony, IEF’s reporting tools present information in a format that non-technical people can make sense of - - which means less manual work pulling together reports, and an easier time sharing findings with others.